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Top Free Mobile Games from Glu.



Glu Mobile is one of the largest provider of mobile games on different platforms. They are based out of California and have branches in different locations around the world. Glu games are free and are captivating for the gamers. The graphics and three dimensional games are available in different domains such as hunting, sports, celebrities, and so on. Recently, Glu partnered with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) to develop wrestling games. The speciality about Glu games are that they are relatable and common people of all ages can play them.

Glu was found by Scott Orr in 2001 as Sorrent and has gone through different ownership changes. Glu has around $225 million dollars revenue and its current CEO is Niccolo de Masi. Glu has many subsidaries such as PlayFirst, GameSpy, SuperScape, Griptonite, and so on. Glu expands worldwide and has development centers in the USA, Canada, China, India, and Russia. You can buy Glu stocks under the symbol GLUU.

Glu games have seen millions of downloads and installs in the different computer, mobile and tablet devices. The games are also available on Amazon and Faceboook. Most games are free but the revenue is generated based on the in app purchases and advertisements. The seamless integration of graphics, audio, video, three dimensional effects, plot, and game progression have made the Glu games favorite choice for many. Free Glu Games have become mandatory for entertainment and gamers are able to get rewards for reaching the levels in the games. Glu has support and discussion forums for their games.


Free Glu Games Deerhunter

Most of the games from Glu are free to download on your smart devices or platforms or applications such as iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, Android devices, Google Play, Kindle, Amazon, Facebook, and so on. The games available on the device vary based on the models available. For example, majority of the games are available for iPhone but some may not be there for Kindle yet.

Here are the top Free Glu Games.

  • Deer Hunter
  • Contract Killer
  • Stardom Hollywood
  • Tap Sports Baseball
  • Restaurant Dash
  • Kendall and Kylie
  • Cooking Dash
  • Fate of the Furious
  • Commando
  • Small Street
  • Samurai vs. Zombies
  • Dragon Slayer
  • Racing Rivals
  • Eternity Warriors
  • Sniper X
  • RoboCop
  • Big Time Gangsta
  • Gun Bros
  • Ham on the Run
  • Super KO Boxing

Some of the games that are free may be converted to Delux paid versions based on the demand. Check the compatibility of your mobile phones software with the version of the game downloaded. Some games are available in Japanese and Chinese versions.

Free Glu Games Stardom
Free Glu Games Blood and Gory


Free Glu Games Baseball

Free Glu Games can be downloaded on the devices and gamers can start playing. Some of the games take up lot of time to load and start up. The version of the game downloaded must suit with the operating system version of your device. All the games ask permission to send notifications or track user locations. The games take up a lot of space on your mobile phone and require Internet or WiFi to work. Real time messaging is available in some games such as Nicki Minaj. Glu games work best on touch screen devices and they require you to tap for clicking or selecting.

Free Glu Games have won appreciation from users due to the detailed graphics and game progression. The games have been designed and developed after careful research in the domain. For example, in the Baseball game, the graphics and points system is in track with the real time Baseball game. The user actions to play the game also have been simulated to be real time. Similarly, in the deer hunting game, the locations have been created to simulate the real life environments.

Free Glu Games Contract Killer

For starters, step by step instructions are available in the game. As the game progresses, users are able to realize the points and rewards. Users have experienced glitches in the games such as the Kim Kardashian and may have to restart their game again. Frequent hangups are common due to the heavy graphics and animations. When a user changes their device, some of the game progression is lost or the operating system has another version of the game. The games may not be unique across all platforms as they might be developed at different times. Also, with every new update, some of the older features may no longer be available.

Users can seek the community to play with a friend or with a group. Community forums are available for gamers to seek answers for similar problems others are facing and solutions for such problems. The forums also available for individual games and hence users can see what others are experiencing. Reporting any cheating or gifting issues or frauds can be done in the community forums. Direct communication from the administrators is available with the release of new features in the games.

Free Glu Games Kendall


Here are some best practices and tips for playing the Free Glu Games.

  • Understand the version and platform of the downloaded game
  • Read FAQs and instructions for the game on the forums
  • Ask for any known best practices or shortcuts
  • Keep track of the rewards and progress
  • Secure the user id and gamer tag
  • Raise a service ticket throught the game for any issues
  • Stay away from fraudulent members by checking the history
  • Know the group rules and condition before joining one
  • Report any glitches or game hanging up or lost points
  • Check for updates and cross platform issues

Following the discussion forums and frequently asked questions for the game you play is recommended. Previous gamers have explained the sequence and shortcuts for points in the forums which will be helpful. Version problems and platform issues are discussed for general information.

Free Glu Games are fun and engaging for the gamers and is the best way for entertainment. The developers are open for any new ideas and ways to improve the games which can be communicated through the forums.